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Are you ready to make a commitment to improve your posture, release tension, and calm your nervous system?

Are you ready to prioritize your own self-care and reap the benefits to be more efficient, energetic and productive?

30 Day Constructive Rest Challenge

experience for yourself the benefits of practicing Constructive Rest every day

Constructive Rest is a highly effective way to do these things, and more! All you need are a few minutes of time, a couple of books, and a quiet place to lie down.

Try making it a daily practice for 30 days and feel the benefits in your life.

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  • With the reminder, you’ll receive a “Thought for the Day”  – something for you to think about during your Constructive Rest and which you can come back to at any time during the rest of the day.
  • And, each day you’ll also get an additional free resource for you. I have gathered these from many sources, including from Alexander Technique teachers around the world, and will also include some of my own. One day you might receive an audio you can listen to while you lie down, on another perhaps a video, article or podcast about Constructive Rest with useful tips and information to encourage you in your practice.




What people are saying about the Constructive Rest Challenge:

I have found the constructive rest a great tool to deal with anxiety, tension and stress! [Roslyn, Australia]

I really appreciate your 30-day email series introducing Constructive Rest. I now find it critical to my mental health, as well as my physical well being. I am sure I am getting taller and more graceful, and being relaxed enough to sleep is a gift. [Martha, USA]

I’m only 3 days into the challenge, but am already noticing a lot more ease & freedom in my movement. I’ve been doing constructive rest pretty much every morning for the past year and a half. However, I usually try to force change. This resource is helping my not force anything and let the change come by (counterintuitively) doing as little as possible. [Thomas, USA]

My 30 day challenge ended on 13 October and I am pleased to say I have kept with it since with only one missed day.  I usually pick two of your daily emails at random every day and use those thoughts as I do the rest.  This “Imogen shuffle” has helped me stay with the practice.  Some days are better than others and I can fully release. My mind wanders on the not-so-good days but I think it helps to keep up the daily rhythm and let the good days slowly become more numerous. I also use your full twenty minute audio a couple of times a week and find it and the PDF guide very helpful.  As I may have written before, I am able to focus and read books and articles and maintain my concentration better than I could before the Challenge. I think there are benefits beyond the physical. [Ravi, USA]

Thank you for giving me a wonderful experience like this. [Haruo, Japan]

I am writing to you to say thank you for your 30 day constructive rest challenge. I am half way through it now and very much appreciative of the daily email constructive rest ‘nudges’. Actually, I have engaged periodically with AT for about 20 years, having first explored the technique because of problems with bulgy  intervertebral discs. I have had several series of lessons over the years with three different teachers (all good). But though I have benefitted consistently from my lying down I have struggled to find the discipline to take the technique into other aspects of daily living and to feel the benefits…. The 30 day challenge has really helped to provide the nudge I need to lie down on the floor. So, thank you once again for the 30 day challenge nudges and resources. I feel that despite 20 years of dabbling in the technique your idea of the email reminders has really inspired me to engage with things in a new way! [Len, UK]

I had been trying the constructive rest previously but hadn’t managed to get into a routine again. Your emails gave me extra support and encouragement and I thank you for that…. General aches and pains, also lower discs fusing, stiffness of neck and pain in the hip on awakening in the morning, general wear and tear and misuse, all these have been greatly improved in the past 30 days. [Gordon, Scotland]

Thank you for the 30-Day Challenge. I have scoliosis and have noticed I can stand and work a lot longer without pain now! I have known for a long time that I should do CR, but just had trouble carving out the time to do it. Since it is summer, I thought I’d give it a go, and it has been helpful. [Karen, USA]

Thank you for the wonderful support and encouragement in your Constructive Rest challenge. I’m really enjoying it and feeling the benefits. Even though I’m a newly qualified [Alexander Technique} teacher, I must confess to having been a rather reluctant ‘lie-downer’, so this was just the help and discipline I needed to form the regular habit. [Margaret, Ireland]

I LOVE the CR Challenge! [Facebook comment]

Just to let you know, Imogen, I am enjoying the constructive rest and especially appreciate all the videos and writings that accompany them. Thanks for your time and wonderful guidance. [Judith, USA]

I’ve been enjoying your challenge for 14 days and have found it very beneficial. [John, Ireland]

I was referred to Imogen’s work by my local Alexander Technique (AT) teacher. The results of that referral have lead to the most deepening of my understanding of AT I’ve had. I took Imogen’s 30-day challenge, which I loved and recently purchased her audio guide to Constructive Rest. Imogen’s voice is soothing and pleasing; her instructions are clear and detailed. I am so glad that I can listen to the guide whenever I wish. I highly recommend it and everything that Imogen does in the AT field. [Suzanne, USA]

Thank you so much, we are really enjoying and benefiting from this challenge!! [Sheila, Australia]

I’ve been making constructive rest a part of my daily routine for a year or so now, but found the 30 day challenge really focused me on how I could get even more benefit from this time in semi-supine. Rather than lying on the floor and thinking about tasks I need to do during the day, what to have for lunch, etc, I feel I’m now more aware of my body, where there’s tension, where feels comfortable, and I feel the benefits more profoundly through the rest of the day.  I found the daily thoughts very helpful – some stayed with me more than others, others dropped away faster. Maybe the ones that we really need to hear are the ones that resonate the most. Thank you, Imogen, for this wonderful resource! [Catherine, UK]

This has been a very beneficial and wonderful 30-day journey. My instructor, Karen Loving, has always stressed the daily use of constructive rest; but having your daily reminders and verbal instruction have benefited me tremendously; and, hopefully, will make me continue the journey. Many THANKS. [Heidi, USA]

Firstly let me say how much I have enjoyed doing this and how glad I am I saw it by chance (I think I am now on day 22) and have made sure that I find the time to do it every day. I believe it is doing me good and my husband who has been with me through many aches and pains is VERY impressed that a chest injury I was diagnosed with and told would last for 12 weeks by my osteopath, went after 2 days of your program. I still have some back/shoulder/neck pain, but nothing like as debilitating as it was. [Dawn, Portugal]

I have suffered with neck pain for years, finally googled for some help, and I’m so glad I found you! I am making the time to practice constructive rest, and your audio talks are great! I have a whole list of activities that exacerbate my neck pain, and just dropping my shoulders – plus a few other key principles – are already helping. [Nancy, USA]

I’m LOVING your Constructive Rest reminders. In the past 6 months, I’ve slackened off–and feel the difference. [Mary, USA]

Thank you for your CR challenge. It’s a great incentive to keep doing (I mean non-doing) this deceptively simple exercise. Also the podcasts and audio are terrific. Many thanks. [John, Ireland]

Thank you for offering this 30-day challenge. It was just what I needed to stay focused and motivated! The targeted thoughts for the day were very helpful. I would say my back and hip “problems” have been lessened so I plan to continue this daily practice. Looking forward to having other guided audios. [Peggy, USA]

Thank you, Imogen. I have felt a lot of benefit over the last 30 days and glad I picked this up on Facebook. I have done it every day and the two audio guides I have found the most useful are your Day 1 and Day 19 and those are the two I use. I will certainly continue with the practice after today. [Dawn, Portugal]

I have been doing constructive rest for a couple of months now. Good things have happened. I love it. [Facebook comment]

That was beautiful! I just listened to your audio as I was doing my daily semi supine….Thanks so much for this!:-) [Sheila, Australia]

I really enjoyed the challenge and all the resources you sent through. I even played your first podcast to a group of my dance students in class today! They thought it was great! [Rachel, UK]

Thank-you so much, Imogen, for your program.  I never realized how unconscious I was to my body mechanics.  Your program has allowed me insight & much awareness into all aspects of  bodily movement.  My body & I thank you for bringing back to consciousness what was innately there all along but has long been forgotten over the years with slow but consistent bad habits.  [Marguerite, USA]

I’ve been enjoying your constructive rest reminders and the podcasts, interviews etc. You do put a lot of work into this. I can sense your passion for A.T. [Gek, Australia]

Thanks a lot, Imogen, from the remote mountains of Spain. With no AT teachers in sight, it has been a daily pleasure and fruitful reminder. [Helma, Spain]

I am so grateful and excited about this: have done Day 1 and it’s worked wonders on my painful back. It feels as if it has opened not only my back, but also my awareness and my heart! I have been struggling to play my sax for the last year after 14 years of silence, and to help with this, rather inconsistently trying to commit to AT for the last 6 months or so. (I’m 65, and ‘fear of being too old’ has played a big part in this struggle!) I finally decided to do constructive rest every day before practising, and already there’s been a real break-through : less fear, less effort, less tension, more music. I can’t thank you enough for your generosity. [Bridget, UK]

Just to say thanks for your wonderful constructive rest initiative. I plan to do it again to reinforce the habit!  [Bob, Australia]

“Thank you for your 30 day constructive rest challenge. Constructive rest has helped me become aware of, and let go of, muscle tension in several areas of my body. I have scoliosis and have had chronic pain for years. I have made more progress with releasing the muscle spasms in 30 days than with 10 years of physical therapy. Your recordings on 30 days of constructive rest have been very helpful and are reinforcing the 3 books I have read as well as my lessons.” [Lisa, USA]

By choosing to make Constructive Rest a daily practice for 30 days you will be making an important commitment to your own well-being and productivity. I’m sure you will experience lots of benefits.