Transform Stress into Ease, Confidence and Poise


Imogen Ragone, Alexander Technique in Wilmington, DelawareHi! I’m Imogen, and I help women who are stressed, anxious and unable to perform their best, let go of tension and find the ease, confidence and poise to be their best selves in all areas of their life.

My work is founded in the Alexander Technique, a 120-year old evidence-based mind-body method for using our whole selves consciously, efficiently, with freedom, grace and poise.

I’ve developed my own unique approach which I call BodyIntelligence, integrating mindset, posture and self-care, to give my clients practical and empowering strategies to relieve and prevent stress and tension so they can achieve their goals and feel great!

I work with my clients in Wilmington, Delaware and online using video conferencing.

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The BodyIntelligence Community is a place where you can get support if you struggle with stress – stress of body or mind – and has a strong focus on self-care.

In this group I provide daily resources, tips and inspiration to help you transform stress into ease, confidence and inner calm. I welcome your questions, and do my best to answer promptly. Other members of the group also provide a wealth of information and experience, and we all support one another.

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