Imogen Ragone, Alexander Technique Teacher and CoachHi! I’m Imogen, creator of the BodyIntelligence Coaching Program that helps women who are stressed, anxious and even in pain, let go of tension and find the ease, confidence and poise to be their best selves in all areas of their life.

Our work together is founded in the Alexander Technique, a 120-year old evidence-based mind-body method for using our whole selves consciously, efficiently, with freedom, grace and poise. (If you are looking for Alexander Technique lessons, you are in the right place!)

You will learn empowering practical strategies to change how and what you’re thinking to calm your nervous system in a way that not only reduces stress, but also improves your posture as you release the tensions that literally pull you out of shape.


Discover what BodyIntelligence and the Alexander Technique can do for you!
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Learn How to Transform Your Stress and Tension into Ease

My clients experience more ease and less tension as they move through their days.

They gain an inner self-confidence, and are also perceived as more confident by others.

Their posture improves naturally, stress is reduced, and they feel calmer, have more energy and are less fatigued, and are more emotionally grounded.

This program is for you if you are ready to learn a new way of being so you can:

  • Be more productive and consistently do your best quality work.
  • Have more energy for everything you want to do.
  • Be better able to care for and serve others, as you prioritize your own self-care.
  • Experience more joy in all areas of your life.
  • Transform nerves so you are more present and confident in front of your audience, whether that’s giving a presentation, networking, or making an important phone call.
  • Let go of tension and feel more comfortable as you work at your desk, at your computer and other devices, and in the specific activities of your life.
  • Be better able to focus on your purpose or passion.
  • Deal with the frustrations of life calmly and intelligently.
  • Know yourself on a deeper level.

“Stress is a multi-level, holistic mind-body experience.”

When we’re stressed, it’s not just us who suffers. Our work suffers, potentially leading to loss of income and missed promotions. Our relationships suffer – with clients, colleagues, family, and friends. Life is a struggle. Everything suffers.

Stress in Body

Do you experience stress physically?
For example, it may manifest as excess tension, pain and discomfort, poor posture, low energy, or an upset stomach.

Stress in Mind

Do you also experience stress emotionally and cognitively?
For example, you may feel overwhelmed, agitated or moody, or experience constant worrying, an inability to focus, poor judgement, and negative thoughts.

Stop the Suffering

With the BodyIntelligence Coaching Program, you will learn to stop stress and tension patterns in their tracks so you don’t burnout, become completely overwhelmed, and your pain and discomfort, instead of getting even worse, can start to dissipate as you learn to have more ease in yourself and your life.

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What People Say

“…coaching with Imogen has been an invaluable experience…. Imogen integrated all of the concepts of the technique while still taking time to focus on my specific issue. I have also carried my Alexander coaching directly into my work as a dentist…a very physically demanding profession on the body. I have experienced significantly decreased back and shoulder soreness, fewer tension headaches, and more joy in my work!”
—Erin Rhodes, dentist  

“After more than 20 years of chronic neck, shoulder and arm pain, I discovered Imogen Ragone and the Alexander Technique. With Imogen’s hands-on guidance and instruction in the mindful use of my body with the Alexander Technique, I am now 95% pain free, not only in my neck and shoulder area but also in other problematic areas of my body.”
—Sandie Cooper, retired legal secretary

“Working with Imogen and the Alexander Technique helped me release tension, better understand how my movement impacted my back and gave me an overall feeling of wellbeing.”
—Melissa Watkins, President, 
Out Box Communications

“Your wonderful program has brought such amazing change into my life. It has arrived at a perfect time, and I am joyously working through some old habits.”
Meade Andrews, internationally recognized senior teacher of the Alexander Technique


Coaching takes place in my at-home studio in North Wilmington, just five minutes from the Pennsylvania state line, as well as online using video-conferencing.

Discover what BodyIntelligence and the Alexander Technique can do for you!

Book your BodyIntelligence session now for just $97.


I allow approximately one hour for this first session with me, so you have plenty of time to experience this unique way of working and learn practical strategies to help yourself right away, as well as for questions and discussion.

You will receive a confirmation email from me which includes your payment link and details on how to get the most from your session.

If you have questions, or would like more information, please feel free to contact me.