Are you too busy for self care?

Think again.

As women we so often put ourselves at the bottom of our own priority list. We take care of everyone and everything else before we even consider doing something for ourselves.

Yet taking care of ourselves is crucial to being successful at work and in business, being able to properly look after others, and in having a fulfilling life.

If you’re too busy for self care, then NOW is the time you need it more than ever. YOU are your most important asset. Taking care of yourself first, therefore, is crucial to being able to do your work—and everything else—successfully, efficiently, and discerningly, and so you can be fully present for the things that matter most.

From experience I know when I take care of myself and make time for self care, I work better, feel better, and am more fun to be around!  The BodyIntelligence approach means looking after yourself so you can best serve others. Through my experience studying and teaching the Alexander Technique, I have learned to prioritize myself to function at my best, as well as specific self-care practices to both restore and energize.

BodyIntelligence Self-Care
Tools, Programs, and Practices

Constructive Rest

Constructive Rest by Imogen RagoneMy favorite self-care practice of all, is Constructive Rest.

Constructive Rest is a simple, yet powerful self-care practice to energize and restore body and mind. It helps you to improve your posture, release tension and calm your nervous system so you can be your most efficient, energetic and productive self. All you need are a few minutes of time, a couple of books, and a quiet place to lie down.

Find lots of information, tips and guidance on how to do Constructive Rest yourself here.

A regular Constructive Rest practice is the most beneficial. I have free tools to help you try it for 30 days, and feel the benefits in your life. Click here for details.

Take the free 30-Day Constructive Challenge >>

Power Pause

Power Pause by Imogen RagoneMy Power Pause audio is under five minutes long (4:36) and can be used to accompany lying down in the traditional Constructive Rest position, as well as sitting at your desk (just pop in your headphones and listen), standing, or whatever suits you.

Don’t have time for self care? Don’t have time for Constructive Rest?

With a “power pause,” self care does not have to take long. You do have time.

Just a few minutes can be hugely beneficial, especially if you’re paying attention in a mindful and constructive way. In the audio I gently guide your attention and thinking to help you be more present and connected, release excess tension, and clear your mind of mental clutter.

When you purchase the Power Pause audio, you will be sent a link to download the MP3 to enjoy any time you want.

Cost: $3.50

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Constructive Rest Audio Guide

My Constructive Rest Audio Guide is ideal for both beginners and people who already practice Constructive Rest. The audio is a little under 20 minutes long (18:21), which is considered the optimal amount of time lying down to gain the most benefit and allow your spine to regain its full height.

In the Constructive Rest Audio I gently guide you to release excess tension, using my latest ideas on how to direct your thinking and awareness most effectively.

Accompanying the audio is a 18-page companion guide containing all you need to get you started, as well as additional tips and suggestions for alternative positions.

When you purchase the Constructive Rest Audio Guide you will be sent a link to download both the audio (MP3) and the written guide (PDF).

Cost: $9.95

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BodyIntelligence EASY Self-Care Program

Transform stress into ease, and discover more presenceenergyproductivity, creativity, and general well-being with this empowering 12-week online program of short, simple, and profound self-care practices that will EASILY fit into any schedule.

Join the Program and get:

  • Thought for the Day” each weekday via email – a simple way for you to shift your attention and practice self-care in the moment, whatever you are doing.
  • A printable version of each “Thought for the Day” you can post as a reminder.
  • An individual self-care strategy session with me to help you make the most of this program.
  • Weekend check-in and summary of that week’s Thoughts for the Day.
  • Six video sessions (2 each month) in which I briefly discuss and offer guidance on some of the ideas from the daily “Thoughts” and lead a guided self-care practice, such as Constructive Rest. Sessions are no more than half and hour in length. You can keep the six recordings to use as much as you want afterward, and will also receive audios of all the guided practices.

Cost: $127

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