Do you often feel stuck in a cycle of stress and tension?

With the BodyIntelligence Self-Study Foundation Course you will learn at your own pace simple exercises and concepts to help you relieve stress and regulate your nervous system, so you can navigate the ups and downs of life with more ease and calm.



Stress in life is a given. “Good stress” stretches you and gives you the kind of challenges that help you grow. You feel more energized and excited than anxious and tense. Problems don’t feel impossible. You have a sense of agency and empowerment.

It’s “bad stress” that is the problem – rather than helping you grow, it wears you down. You’re on edge, tense, and maybe in pain. You snap at people, are clumsier and more accident-prone, and your thoughts and attention are everywhere but right here, now. It’s too much and it impedes your ability to function in a healthy way, physically and mentally, let alone enjoy life.

It’s normal and all too easy to get stuck in this downward stress spiral, leading to overwhelm and burnout.

Now is the time to nip it in the bud and get unstuck.

This course can help you do just that.

You will learn at your own pace the simple exercises and concepts to help you relieve stress and regulate your nervous system I teach my students in our live classes.

You will have basic tools to help you know yourself, look after yourself, and meet the challenges of life with more ease and calm.

What People are Saying:

I find your self-study course extremely useful and well done. No other Alexander Technique course to date has given me such simple, effective, and joyful tools. It became so immediately tangible and clear, what otherwise were often rather vague and subtle concepts. The explorations you teach are now an integral part of my morning practice, which I always look forward to. I also notice how more and more of it seeps into my days, and therefore into my life – in all areas (music, meditation, work, relationships, …) without feeling like I have to make a special effort. The “BodyIntelligence Self-Study Foundation Course” has been a true gift that keeps on giving. Thank you!
Ender Berg (Composer), Berlin, Germany

Course Details:

The course consists of four modules, each building on the previous one. Each module consists of short video and text lessons. These are bitesize lessons (the shortest is under a minute, and the longest about 15 minutes), averaging about 5 minutes each.

After each module there are guided practices, relating to the lessons you have just completed, that you can use as a resource. There is also a bonus module on Constructive Rest at the end.

Module 1: Down Regulation & Mind-Body Unity
In Module 1 you will learn about mind-body unity, how to calm your own nervous system (regulation), and how to practice and cultivate this in a simple, non-coercive way every day.

Module 2: Agency and the Power of the Pause
In Module 2 you will learn about engaging your prefrontal cortex to disrupt the stress cycle, explore pausing and listening to your own nervous system, and have a framework to practice pausing in an easy way on your own.

Module 3: Proprioception, Exteroception, Support and Safety
In Module 3 you will learn a little about what these terms mean, and how to start building a sense of safety and reclaiming your place in the world through the trio of ideas: grounded support, space and ease.

Week 4: Integration and Titration
In Module 4 you will learn a process that helps you explore and touch in and out of (titrate) feelings, activities, movements, and challenges in a way that allows you to gain greater insight and gently integrate. The process of integrating into your life what you have learned in the course will become more concrete.

Bonus Module: Constructive Rest
In this bonus module, you’ll learn the simple, yet, powerful self-care practice of Constructive Rest. Constructive Rest makes a great addition to your stress-relief toolbox, and complements the other practices and concepts presented in this course.

Cost: $97

While the course is designed so that you could easily go through all the material in about a month, you get to study at your own pace, in whatever timeline works best for you. You will also have access to the material once you have finished as a resource.



Meet Your Instructor: Imogen Ragone

Hi! I’m Imogen. I’ve been a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique since 2006, and a student of the work for well over 20 years. I initially came to Alexander Technique to help me with chronic neck and shoulder pain and tension. It did – and gave me MUCH more than I ever imagined. I have now developed my own unique approach, BodyIntelligence, that offers a path to embodied mindfulness that is gentle and non-coercive. This means it is more accessible and effective when you are feeling stressed or anxious, and makes it especially valuable to traumatized people. I was born and raised in England, and have lived in the US now for over 30 years. I have been successfully working with clients online, both individually and in groups, since 2014, including Foundations of Regulation, a program for people dealing with chronic stress, anxiety or trauma. The BodyIntelligence Self-Study course teaches the basics of this program in a way that you can learn on your own and at your own pace.

I strongly believe in the power of “just a little bit!” My self-study course is designed so you can learn in easy, bitesize chunks. When you are able to pause for a moment to shift your thinking and awareness you are making small, micro changes in the direction of presence and ease and away from tension and stress. Over time, and with practice, you can sprinkle these moments more and more frequently throughout your day. You’ll even be able to access more ease in times of challenge, as well as be able to recover yourself more easily and effectively after times of stress which inevitably come up as part of life.

I invite you to try a “Power Pause” with me now with the video below. A Power Pause is a short, mindful break of just two or three minutes where you shift your thinking and awareness in ways that help you to release a little stress and tension, to calm your nervous system, and feel more refreshed and at ease for the day ahead. It introduces a few of the ideas you’ll learn about more deeply in the course. Enjoy!