Because learning the Alexander Technique improves overall functioning and coordination, it can benefit people of all ages and from all walks of life, such as:

  • computer users
  • musicians
  • actors
  • business professionals
  • singers
  • parents
  • athletes
  • fitness enthusiasts
  • teachers
  • people with back pain


Some famous students of the Alexander Technique have been: Julie Andrews (singer/actor) · William Hurt (actor) · Hugh Jackman (actor) · Paul McCartney (singer) · Paul Newman (actor) · Sting (musician) · Maggie Smith (actor) · Robin Williams (actor) · James Galway (musician) · Yehudi Menuhin (musician) · Roald Dahl (writer) · Aldous Huxley (writer) · Professor N. Tinbergen (Nobel Prize for Medicine) · Professor John Dewey (American philospher and educator) · John McEnroe (tennis player) · Linford Christie (British Olympic short distance runner).

Hugh Jackman talks about Alexander Technique: