Foundations of Ease

BodyIntelligence Essentials Online Group Coaching Program

4-Week Introductory Course with Imogen Ragone
Next Course starts March, 2021


STOP! It’s time to press pause on the stress cycle and cultivate the foundations of ease in your life. 

Learn the basic concepts and tools of the BodyIntelligence approach to help you transform stress into ease. You’ll learn practices and build skills in how to shift your awareness to reduce stress, tension, and even pain, as you become more centered, at ease and confident in yourself.

“The class was really helpful in handling the aches and pains I experience regularly involving movement and posture. I also learned that the principles can apply to many other daily situations in life to make it less stressful and easier to deal with.”
Andrea D., Past Participant

Imogen’s BodyIntelligence work is based on core principles of the Alexander Technique, and offers a path to embodied mindfulness that is gentle and non-coercive. This means it is more accessible and effective when you are feeling stressed, and makes it especially valuable to traumatized people.

You’ll get a chance to learn and practice unique skills that will ultimately emplower you to approach anything life throws at you with more ease.

In the Foundations of Ease course, you will discover how to:

    • Let go of excess tension in your body
    • Release harmful patterns that cause you pain
    • Calm your nervous system at those critical moments…

Imogen’s practices have helped me to bring more ease into my life by learning to make different choices for myself that can reduce pain and anxiety. The opportunity to practice virtually alongside other students has been a gift, particularly during times of stress and isolation. Thank you, Imogen, for all of the support, laughter and lessons. I offer her my highest recommendation.
Tracy Hough, Past Participant

You’ll learn a step by step method to help you cultivate more ease, flow and comfort in your body – and your mind – so you can:

    • Move more freely and easily in everyday activities, your workouts, walking, and more.
    • Speak more authentically, powerfully, and confidently in any situation.
    • Be more productive as you interact with your computer, phone and other devices with less stress and strain.
    • Make empowered choices about both what you do and HOW you do it.
    • Apply the principles to any activity or situation in YOUR life!

By cultivating these skills you’ll not only have a go-to process you can use in any situation, but also will change for the better the baseline level of ease from which you operate ALL the time.

That’s better for you AND everyone around you.

Build Resilience – Discover Ease – Learn to Thrive

The group coaching helped me make breakthroughs I couldn’t have imagined! Recently I handled an awful dentist appointment, the death of my father, and a surprise biopsy that was painful and upsetting. But because I had learned how to incorporate ease into my daily life and developed it as my go-to tool, I was able to stay present and pretty much calm through all. Thank you, Imogen!
Shay Seaborne, Past Participant


The Program includes:

♦ FOUR [4] LIVE Online Small Group Classes
Classes take place using Zoom video conferencing on Mondays at 2:30-3:30 PM US Eastern Time
(7:30-8:30 PM UK, 1:30-2:30 PM US Central, 11:30 AM-12:30 PM US Pacific)
Or click here for your time zone.
We will meet on:

    • March 8
    • March 15
    • March 22
    • March 29

♦ Live Coaching
Each class is led by Imogen, and includes live teaching, interaction and coaching. The online space creates a perfect environment for this powerful way of working.

♦ Recordings of ALL Classes
All classes are recorded so the lessons can be reviewed afterwards.
It’s recommended that you attend all classes live. However, there’s no need to worry if you do have to miss a class – it’s easy to catch up!

♦ Weekly Class Summary & Home Implementation Strategy
After each class Imogen sends out a summary of the teachings, including ways for you to practice, implement and integrate what you are learning at home.

♦ Extra Resources
You’ll also get handouts, worksheets, special short practice videos as needed.

♦ Support Between Classes
Get feedback, answers, and support from Imogen between classes via email or in a private Facebook group.

“You’re helping us change our relationship with what we do everyday, and that changes our whole experience of it.”
Shay Seaborne, Past Participant


“The BodyIntelligence Essentials Program with Imogen had a profound effect on me both personally and professionally. The permission and support that she gives is incredible.  It has been a liberating experience to find myself living in a new thought paradigm, one in which I have way more capacity to choose to focus on ease, rather than to get caught up in fear, doubt or anger.
“As a trauma-informed, resiliency-focused somatic movement therapist and mental health counselor, I came to this work with my own established framework for supporting my clients. I didn’t expect this work I was pursuing for myself personally to spill over so much into my professional approach: however, in this six-week series I discovered some pieces to my own approach that I had not known were missing. The BodyIntelligence framework provides invaluable tools for building new pathways between the way we think, the way we feel, and the way we move. Since my time studying with Imogen, I have incorporated aspects of her approach into my own framework with clients and since doing so I have observed over and over again that these practices have a way of gently and persistently transforming a person’s internal landscape toward more resiliency.”
Victoria Day, CMA, RSME/T, MEd, LPC, Past Participant

Foundations of Ease Program fee: $179*

*Don’t let cost be a barrier. If you have a sincere interest in this program, please contact me to find out about scholarships, discounts, and other options.

No more than 10 people will be accepted into the program at one time. Register now to ensure you get a place.


“After a nasty fall several months ago, what I learned in Imogen’s program has helped me cope better in various ways as I rebuild my life, and I’m now able to walk with less fear and more ease. The improvements I experienced were not “just” of a physical nature, though. I was surprised and delighted to also have an improved outlook in life! Imogen’s program has helped me appreciate and experience the true value of being able to pause, and her work can help you with life’s transitions and goals.”
Patricia (Penny) Peterman, Past Participant

About Imogen

Imogen Ragone, Alexander Technique Teacher, Wilmington, DEHi! I’m Imogen, the creator of the BodyIntelligence programs that help women transform stress and tension into ease, confidence, and poise.

The BodyIntelligence approach is founded in the Alexander Technique, and helps you cultivate an embodied mindfulness that you can rely on in all sorts of situations, from speaking in public to sitting at the computer. A unique feature is that as your nervous system calms your posture improves naturally as you release the tensions that literally pull you out of shape.

I have over 14 years’ experience teaching this transformational work, and almost 20 years as a student. To qualify as a nationally certified teacher of the Alexander Technique I completed a three-year training course approved by the American Society for the Alexander Technique (AmSAT) which included over 1600 hours of instruction. I have been teaching online classes and sessions for over six years. Recently my work has become more trauma-informed, and my approach has been particularly beneficial to clients suffering from emotional stress and even trauma. My work is mindful and draws greatly from the Primal Alexander work of Mio Morales in particular, as well as many other exceptional Alexander Technique teachers.

I continue learning every day, and attend continuing education classes, workshops, conferences and exchanges with colleagues regularly.


If you’re ready to have more ease in your life, this introductory course will help you lay the foundation.


I look forward to welcoming you into this empowering program so you can discover what BodyIntelligence can do for you.

If you’d like more information, please get in touch, and I’m happy to answer your questions.

NOTE: Foundations of Ease programs are held approximately every other month. The next course will be held in May 2021.