to reduce tension, relieve stress, and be more productive

A Workshop presented by Imogen Ragone

DEVO IIWednesday, May 13, 2015
6:30 – 8:30 PM
The Institute of Massage
& Healing Arts
222 Philadelphia Pike
Wilmington, DE 19809
Cost: $39
(pre-registration required)

Stop blaming the computer, your chair, or your work for your aches and pains!

Empower Yourself with the Alexander Technique.

Tap into your body’s innate intelligence, and learn HOW to sit and stand to support your natural balance and design in this mindful, holistic approach to working at the computer.

In this workshop you’ll get first-hand experience and come away with clear strategies how to:

  • Balance your body optimally when sitting, whatever chair you are using
  • Use a variety of options for both sitting and standing to work
  • Set up your chair for maximum comfort and to support healthy posture
  • Take breaks effectively to restore your body’s natural poise
  • Use awareness and conscious thought to change your mental and postural attitude
  • Do a simple exercise at your desk to release tension and decompress your body

If you spend any time at a computer, this class is for you!

Class size is limited.
Contact Imogen at or 302 353 2695 to register.

Imogen Ragone, M.AmSAT, is a nationally certified teacher of the Alexander Technique, and has been teaching the Technique since 2006. She discovered the Technique on her own journey to solve chronic neck pain and tension. She not only gained freedom from chronic pain, but also increased energy, confidence, and enjoyment of life! As well as being an Alexander Technique teacher, Imogen designs websites, spending many hours at the computer. Her knowledge of the Alexander Technique has been invaluable in enabling her to work at the computer without undue tension and pain. The Alexander Technique complements and supports many other modalities including massage, chiropractic, and other healing arts, and can be applied to wide variety of activities.

Illustration © Becca Ferguson. All rights reserved.