For Individual Lessons:

“After more than 20 years of chronic neck, shoulder and arm pain, I discovered Imogen Ragone and the Alexander Technique.  With Imogen’s hands-on guidance and instruction in the mindful use of my body with the Alexander Technique, I am now 95% pain free, not only in my neck and shoulder area but also in other problematic areas of my body.”
–Sandie Cooper, retired legal secretary

“Now, at the age of 45 years old, I’m experiencing The Alexander Technique with the brilliant and talented Imogen Ragone. It occurs to me how my body has shaped according to all it has been through. …Through the Alexander Technique, with my increased awareness to my body and its open-ness and stature, I have realized how much of the physical remnants I still hold on to from those early memories.”
–Helen Samson Mullen, PhD, Life Coach,
You can read more about Helen’s experience in her blog, Baggage Check – What are you carrying that you no longer need?

“Thank you for the lessons I’ve had with you. I have learned so much. And you have a gift of such a loving touch and soft calming voice during the lie down. Those are some of the most relaxed times I’ve ever felt!! In this last lesson, I really resonated with lifting the center of gravity and love how you came up with the idea of using the seed of life symbol (as opposed to the wheel with spokes). I’ve been doing that and find it empowering and engaging. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for your work.”
—Kathy Samworth, Physical Therapist

“Alexander Technique helped me become aware of the mind-body habits I had developed that impede my posture sitting, standing and walking. A few gentle adjustments suggested by Imogen restored me to a more natural, relaxed way of being. I’m grateful to the Technique and to my teacher.”
–Susan Brady, retiree

“After receiving private Alexander Technique lessons with Imogen my life has changed dramatically. My chronic back pain is now manageable through the various techniques she has taught me. Working with Imogen has been a delight and has transformed how I move about in the world. I have gained awareness of my posture in everyday activities, such as sitting, standing and walking. She taught me how to sit at the computer – pain free, and how to read a book in bed, sitting on a chair or couch – pain free! I learned how to lie down, elevating my legs in a way that helps manage pain. For this she also provided me with a wonderful tape to talk me through the process – her beautiful English accent is delightfully soothing. Imogen was my last hope to help my back pain; she gave me simple tools I can use to manage the pain on my own.”
–Theresa Piane Taylor, Health Coach at Light Up Your Health, LLC

“Imogen is a fine Alexander Technique teacher and the Wilmington, DE area is fortunate to have her around.  Knowledgeable, personable, committed, open to learning – these are just a few terms that could be used to describe Imogen. She seemed genuinely concerned about my running, one of the reasons for which the Alexander Technique appealed to me initially. And did I mention that she has an excellent blog?!”
–Marshall Tress, runner

“Imogen is an excellent practitioner of the Alexander Technique and I highly recommend anyone who has body stress, back ailments and hip challenges to see her. What makes it special is that she teaches you how to help realign and heal your body…over time. She has had profound positive impact on a person’s life. I also like the fact that she does not back away from the toughest challenges. She is the best!”
–Ed Samuel, President, SamNova, Inc

“Working with Imogen and the Alexander Technique helped me release tension, better understand how my movement impacted my back and gave me an overall feeling of wellbeing.”
–Melissa Watkins, President, Out Box Communications

For Group Classes:

“I really enjoyed the class, and will practice the techniques we learned there.  My only regret is that I didn’t know about it while I was still working.”
–Ellen L, retired DuPont sales manager

“I just want you to know that I have benefited greatly from your classes over these past couple of years. I do believe that what I’ve learned has afforded me improved health overall, not to mention how much it’s helped me from an ambulatory aspect. Your kind and understanding nature has always made me feel welcome, in spite of the fact that I could not participate in the traditional manner. I have learned much, and applied everything. It has improved the quality of my life immensely.”
–Mary Jo Duszak, Wellness Coach,

“I sincerely enjoyed meeting you and learning the basics of the Alexander technique. I didn’t know what to expect but I was pleased at how simple and beneficial it is. I honestly thought the class would consist of observing our normal behaviors and you saying, sit up straight, stop slouching, etc. I was pleasantly wrong! “
–Sue Salyer, student in YMCA Alexander Technique Basics Class

“Your Monday evening classes have been a real boost to my personal awareness, and I thank you for the loving kindness and attention you show to your class members.”
–Rob Wells, Graphic Production Artist

For Coaching via Skype:

“I have had severe neck problems my whole life, and they got worse after a recent fall. Although I’ve seen several medical doctors about the issue, the only thing that has helped me to feel better has been learning Alexander technique with Imogen. I highly recommend her. She has a wonderfully soothing manner and is very attentive to her clients’ specific needs. Even on Skype, she was able to observe my movements and give me truly helpful suggestions for reducing unnecessary muscle tension, as well as simple methods to reframe my internal thoughts and redirect my attention to different parts of my body. I have been telling everyone I know about Imogen and Alexander – I wish she lived closer to me so that I could work with her more frequently. In fact, after going through a guided constructive rest experience with her in person, I wished she lived in my house and could do that with me every day!”
—Nancy Rehm, High School Teacher in Gettysburg, PA

“I have benefited enormously from Skype coaching with Imogen.  Over the course of our sessions she has helped me gain a much greater awareness of how I am using my body, and I have really noticed a greater ease in a wide range of activities.  Before beginning the sessions, I was unsure how much we could achieve without hands-on contact, but I have been very impressed how Imogen can observe my movements and habits and guide me to a much greater self-awareness.  She has an encouraging and gentle manner, together with a high level of professional expertise, and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her as an Alexander teacher.”
—Catherine, UK