“Take rest; a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop.”

Constructive Rest is more than relaxation!

It’s is a simple, powerful practice to energize and restore body and mind.



In this short workshop you will enjoy a guided Constructive Rest experience, and will learn everything you need to know to practice at home for maximum benefit. By lying down in Constructive Rest for just a few minutes, you’ll not only be more productive and energized, you’ll reduce tension, improve your posture, calm your nervous system and more. Make it a daily practice and the benefits accumulate.

Benefits of Constructive Rest include:

      • release of tension
      • ease of pressure on joints
      • stress reduction
      • improved posture
      • more energy
      • greater productivity
      • spinal decompression
      • calming of the nervous system
      • deepening of the breath
      • calming of the digestive system
      • reduction of pain caused by excess tension**


In this workshop you will:

  • Learn the specifics of the Constructive Rest position, as well as when, where and how long to do it.
  • Receive personalized instructions on appropriate head support and other modifications to fit your specific needs.
  • Experience Constructive Rest, with verbal guidance and hands-on help to maximize the benefits.
  • Learn how to set yourself up at home to get the most out of your Constructive Rest practice.
  • Have the opportunity to ask questions and get feedback and advice.
  • Receive a free audio guide, as well as detailed written instructions, to support your practice at home.


**Constructive Rest is not a replacement for medical care. Please see your doctor if you have concerns.

If you would like to bring The Art of Constructive Rest workshop to your group of organization, please contact me at imogen@imogenragone.com.

Constructive Rest Illustration: © Becca Ferguson. All rights reserved.